Is your app crashing on start-up?
There is a known issue when updating your current Mobile Local News app to the latest version (currently 1.6). This is not a DoApp error but an Apple bug that we have made Apple aware of and are patiently awaiting response. In the mean time please follow these steps to correct the issue.

Delete the version of MLN that is currently on your device. Reboot your device by holding down the silver on/off button on the top of the phone until it offers "slide to power off" then slide to shut down the phone. After a moment you hold the same button down until you see the Apple symbol. When the device turns back on you have done a reboot. Reinstall the MLN app either through the device or while tethered in iTunes.

If, after following these steps, you are still getting a crash please contact us below with; application you are trying to use, device you are using, version of the operating system you are using and whether you downloaded via the device or iTunes.

We sincerely appreciate your patronage and hope that you continue to find an excellent user experience using Mobile Local News.
How do I navigate from each news category or section?
The top navigation can be changed in two ways: 1) with a swipe motion left or right or 2) by tapping each category. The selected category will be aligned with the top arrow. The news category will change in color to indicate the selection. A sub-navigation is below the main navigation and functions in the same way.
How do I watch videos?
When you select a video, the iPhone or iPod touch media player will launch and display the video in landscape mode. A "Done" button is available in the top, left corner to end the video and return back to the Mobile Local News application. By taping the screen, you can adjust the volume of the video or use the player head to fast forward or rewind a video.
Do I need to have a cell connection or internet connection to view information?
Yes, a connection to EDGE, 3G or WiFi is required.
Where is my weather data coming from?
If you choose not to have your location detected, the Mobile Local News application defaults to the local station's weather conditions. Mobile Local News also provides regional weather of a chosen station and/or location.
How do I move the icon screens up and down?
Moving the Mobile Local News icon to another screen is easy. Simply select the icon and hold until all of the screen icons shake. Then move it to another screen by dragging it left or right.
I clicked an ad. How do I close it and go back to the news screen?
The Mobile Local News application has banner ads at the bottom, and when selected, will launch inside the application. To go back to the news sections, select the "close" button on the bottom, left corner. The ad will close and you can continue using Mobile Local News.
How do I share articles?
When reading an article select the "share" button located in the top right. A list of sharing options will display e-mail, text and Twitter.

If you select e-mail, the iPhone or iPod touch e-mail application will launch and embed the story URL. It will also populate the subject line with the title of the article. Use your contact list to find the person you want to send the article to or type in their e-mail address.

If you select text, you will be prompted with a screen to enter your mobile phone number and the phone number of the person you are texting. The plus button easily selects phone numbers from your contact list. The message content is populated with the article URL, and you can add content in the message box.

If you select Twitter, you will be prompted to open the application Twitterific or Twitterific Lite. To send articles to your Twitter account, you must download Twitterific or Twitterific Lite, which can be easily accessed in the Apple App Store.
Sharing to Twitter is not working?
To send articles to your Twitter account, you must download Twitterific or Twitterific Lite, which can be easily accessed in the Apple App Store.
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